Enough is Enough.... Support Polish Girls!!!


Today I would like to talk about important subject,​ abortion in Poland was always forbidden however there were still three reasons when women were allowed to proceed with it; - When pregnancy was a result of rape. - When pregnancy was dangerous to the woman's life. -When the fetus is sick or deformed. But now the Top Court and Politician they decide they want to forbid the above too!!! Women in Poland they went out on the streets and they protesting because Top Courte and Government want to take their rights. I create this video to support Polish Girls, Polish Women as I can't be with them there in this terrible time. I'm calling for help from all women and girls from all over the world please support us: #supportPolishGirls#supportPolishWomenRights#EnoughIsEnough Please, share this video, share #, share the word, we really need you now!

Watch it

xoxo EN.

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