Brand New!!! Actress Vlog by Ewelina Niedzwiedz this Saturday.

Hello my Actors!!!

Welcome back!!! Actors who are still not there but the are in the action!

Click here to CHECK IT OUT=>

I'm coming back to you guys with new format and this time more on the regular time: Premier always on Saturday at 10:00 UK time!!! New Logo, New intro, New me!!! And lots of, lots of new topics: *****************AV tip for today********************** *****************AV Opinion*************************** Come and see me on Saturday's!!! If you like what you see thumbs up! If you don't thumbs down! Leave me a comment say why you like, why not, what I should improve or maybe you have request for episode - subject I can talk about - please DO LET ME KNOW!!! If you are an Artist from London and you doing something interesting (filming, acting, singing, playing, dancing) let me know!!! I would love to interview you and make episode about you. -SEND ME A MESSAGE.

xoxo EN.

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