About Me

Ewelina Niedzwiedz was born in Bialystok, Poland.

In October 2007 she passed exams successfully and was accepted to an elite private Academy of Humanities and Economics in Lodz, the Faculty of Art direction: actor - drama and cultural studies. Ewelina Graduated from Academy with Awards of BRAND AMBASSADOR AHE in11th February 2011 by writing and performing her own monodrama “ Two in One – Blond Legal ”.

She start getting her professional experience from 2007 in theatre, film,television, stage...

Height: 159 cm /5"3

Hair Colour: Blond

Eyes Colour: Blue

Playing age: 18-30 years


Location: London, UK



Special Skills

Accents: Polish (Native), London, English, French, Russian

Singing: Soprano, (favourite style: blues, rock, jazz, ballad, a cappella)

Dance: Standard, Ballet (basics), Latino (basics), Free style, Waltz, Zumba   

Training & Workshops

 2007-2011 Akademia Humanistyczno-                     Ekonomiczna (AHE),

                   Lodz, Poland              

           Cultural Studies(Critical                 Theory and Analysis), and

           Drama Course (Theatre,                 Film, Tv)

          2011 Actors Studio, Wraszawa,                     Poland 

                   Voice&Theatre Course


 2016-2017 Kevin Spacey:

                  Acting Master Class

 2017-2018 Steve Martin: Comedy                          Acting Master Class

         2018 Samuel L. Jackson:

                  Acting Master Class

         2018 Helen Mirren: Theatre-Film

                  Acting Master Class

         2020 Natalie Portman: 

                  Acting Master Class