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Ewelina Niedzwiedz-Vselicha is a passionate actress who believes that the world is the most interesting and exciting stage. She stands at 5'1'' and has captivating blue eyes and long blond hair.

Ewelina has always been fascinated by the art of acting and has dedicated her life to the craft. With a few years of experience on stage and screen, she constantly masters her skills to perfection. Her ability to bring characters to life and captivate audiences has made her one of the most passionate actresses in the industry.

Training & Workshops

Akademia Humanistyczno – Ekonomiczna(AHE), Lodz, Poland – drama course The Unseen, London, UK – acting classic training I MASTER CLASS: Acting Master class with Kevin Spacey I Comedy Acting Master class with Steve Martin I  Acting Master class with Samuel L. Jackson I Film-Theatre Acting Master class with Helen Mirren Acting Master class with Natalie Portman I Introduction to Acting Auditions - Alison Courses I Royal Central School of Speech and Drama University of London, UK – Discover Acting


Ewelina is a versatile actress with a range of skills that make her a valuable asset on any set or stage. She is fluent in English, Polish, and basic in French, and Czech... at the moment ;). She loves to experiment with an accent and her strong suit is Polish ;), English, Russian, and French. She also has experience with dance and singing.


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